Our Family Christmas


Christmas Day. Our family had a very simple, stay-at-home day. The kids played with new toys. I made supper in the crockpot and enjoyed reading a book throughout the day. We looked through old photos and videos of Christmases past (which is always good for some laughs and memories).

My son received a set of Little Critter books by Mercer Mayer - some of his current favorites. 

 My daughter also received some new books, including this one about Secret Codes. 

I gave my husband a new razor.  

My husband gave me a new tablecloth and table pad for our dining room table. He let me open this last weekend, so I could use it when we hosted his extended family for Christmas. The tablecloth is a beautiful burgundy color and fits our table (we didn't have one big enough before).

It was a simple Christmas for us.  
Relatively few gifts. 
Reading the Biblical story of Jesus' birth. 
A few Christmas songs around the piano. 
A quiet day to reflect and enjoy family. 
A simple, beautiful Christmas.     


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