Memory Lane with My Son


Celebrating my son's birthday this week makes this a prime time for memories. As I walked through memory lane, I found a few few photos that show him as he has grown through the years. How fun to see him move from one stage to another. 

As a newborn, sleeping in the cradle Daddy made

First laughs with Daddy

First family portrait as a family of 4

Me and my baby boy 

3-month portraits

With big sister 

6 month portraits

dressed up for Easter 

scribbling (ie. doing school like big sister) 

2 years old 

big boy going down the big slide 

3 years old

old enough to play golf 

4 years old

cheesing it up for the camera 

 smiles abound

Looking forward to what the next 5 years will hold for this special boy! 


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