Miscarriage: Songs that Uplift


I've suffered three miscarriages. Each time is different. The emotions are similar, but never exactly the same. However, each time the Lord has given me a song that really spoke to me right where I was. I thought I'd share here a few of those songs, that might encourage others going through a season of loss or heartbreak. 

Held by Natalie Grant is "my song" this time around. It touches me. To me, this is my song related to losing Baby Isaac last month.

Blessings by Laura Story was "my song" last time around, when I lost Baby Hope in February. This song reminded me that God can use hard times to shape us, to make us better... even though we wish there was some other way

Lastly, Blessed Be Your Name by Matt Redman has been a favorite song for many years. It was "my song" when I became pregnant with my son in 2007 after years of infertility. I felt as though I'd gone through "that desert place" and was now in the "land where abundance flows." I was praising God. And this is the same song that became "my song" when I miscarried Baby Grant in June of 2011. Coming to the place of again praising the Lord "who gives and takes away" was my biggest struggle, but also my biggest breakthrough. This song still speaks to me whenever I hear it. 

There are certainly other songs that can uplift and encourage during difficult times. Now that I've shared mine, do you have favorites?  


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