Family Photo Friday


Friday is here again. Just a few more days until Thanksgiving and then the rest of the year just flies by!

Fridays on this blog mean that I post pictures from our week.

We had a family get-together at Grandma's house last Sunday. Niece Hannah grabbed these shots with her phone. Silly son of mine!

My daughter learned this wonderful skill this week. It brings back memories of my brothers doing this at our house way back when. I wasn't much of a climber and was a scaredy-cat so I would not have tried this. But my daughter is another story!

My kids were reading together a few times this week. It warms my heart to hear my daughter reading to my son, answering questions he has. I took this picture with the normal flash. 

Then I took this picture with no flash. They were reading in the early morning while it was still dark out, the only light from the nearby lamp. 

Happy Weekend to you! 
Make it meaningful!


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