Garden Update


Our garden has EXPLODED in the last week or so.  

 We have more than a dozen heads of lettuce ready to harvest. Needless to say, we've been eating salad with almost every meal. And we've shared a lot of lettuce with neighbors as well. Our own suggestion to try next year: stagger the plantings by a week or two and see if that will spread out the harvesting so we're not eating lettuce constantly for 1 week and then it's done. Better to make it last for several weeks, if we can. 


Our sweet peas are doing very well. They are flowering and small pods have formed. We've snitched a few, but they aren't big enough or sweet enough to harvest yet. 

We have a small fence around the garden. It has been sufficient to keep bunnies and other critters out of the garden, so far. Slugs are our biggest enemy, eating holes in our lettuce. 

Our beans have really shot up, but there's nothing to harvest yet.

Our corn will likely be knee-high by the 4th of July. 

  No pictures of the cucumbers, tomatoes, broccoli or cantaloup but they all are coming along. 
We haven't lost anything yet!


Heather said...

Lettuce is something that I keep planting, but doesn't seem to grow! I can't figure out why! But, our garden is exploding too, unfortunately so are the weeds :-)

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