Family Photo Friday


It's Friday once again, 
so here are a few family photos from our week. 

Were you able to see the Transit of Venus on Tuesday? 
My daughter did a little studying about it prior to the event and enjoyed watching it - as the planet of Venus passed in front of the sun. You could view it with special solar shades. A once in a lifetime event, history in the making!

My little guy missed it, but enjoyed looking at the sun through the special sunglasses the next day. 

We did an impromptu experiment, to change the color of a white carnation. We watched with anticipation as the water with blue food coloring was soaked up and made its way to the tips of the petals. Science in action!  

I worked with my son this week on the letter F. Here he was doing his best to write an F. I also had him make one out of lincoln logs, which as you can see in the picture, he did perfectly!

Summer is here, which means our neighbor and good friend Sarah has been hanging out at our house more. She enjoyed a picnic lunch with us a few times this week, which included watermelon slices that turned into smiles for the camera. 

My son can be such a goof! He put on this silly costume and tried to scare me as he came around the corner roaring like a lion. I didn't know if I should scream or crack up laughing. 

Cherish those nearest to you!

And Happy Friday! 


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