Foster Parenting - Log #6

Our first foster placement has come to an end. Yesterday our foster agency called to say that CJ's grandma has completed the paperwork and background check necessary for her to become his legal guardian. So as of yesterday afternoon, he left our home. We had him with us for just 10 days.

How are we processing all of this?

The bad:
*CJ was a handful and showed us in some ways how unprepared we are to handle a 9-year-old boy. So, I guess you could also call this good: we feel stronger than ever that desire to accept younger children is in line with what we can handle and what our kids can handle right now
*My kids are absolute sponges who soaked up a lot of the misbehavior CJ exhibited. The hardest part of the last 10 days was watching their behavior head downhill more and more as the days passed.

The good:
*We gave it our all and did the best we could with CJ
*Our kids opened up their hearts to love someone new
*We got our feet wet in the foster care system and learned more about how the pieces work together than we could get through the "theory" discussed in our training classes (ex. the role of the state case worker, our agency case worker, our role, the school's role, etc.)
*We provided a safe environment and consistent structure to a boy who needed it. And we made some memories. I am so glad he was able to go sledding almost every day, to help make and decorate sugar cookies, to plunk at the piano and realize he kinda likes music, to pick up some books to just read for fun - I'm fairly certain none of these activities would've happened in his previous home.

So, we have made it through our first foster placement. Who knows when we'll get our next call with a child to consider. In the meantime, we're enjoying reconnecting as a family of 4 and are preparing for a wonderful Christmas together.


Gina said...

How great you can do that, you never know what impact you might have. Your reward will certainly be in heaven. I have a fried who ultimately adopted 5 from foster. It's quite a journey...

marineof2 said...

Shannon I think it is so awesome that you did this. I know you and Bruce and the kids will be a great foster family to the next kid who needs placement and can't wait to see what awesome things God brings your way!

Julie Chandler said...

Hi Shannon,

I saw your post on I'm working my way through their podcasts as well. What episode are you on now? :)

We have 2 children and homeschool, as well. I have recently written a book called Orphans and the Fatherless and am now researching to write a book about families who have adopted through the foster care system.

I'm also putting together a simple 2 question survey about foster care. Would you care to participate?

Here's the link to my blog...

And yes, I think if we foster, we'd want a littler person. Our kids are 7 & 8.

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