Family Photo Friday


Friday is here! This week went by fast and now Christmas is less than 10 days away! As is my custom on Fridays, I will share a few photos from our home this week.

Here are my two kiddos all dressed up and under the Christmas tree. Oh, how I love them!

This was the week for holiday baking "stuff." My sisters-in-law Sheila and Karen and I do our own cookie exchange, creating goodie trays to share with friends and neighbors. We each do our own thing and then come together one night (with kids) to decorate cut-out cookies. This is a picture from that night, with piles of cookies in the foreground, waiting for icing and sprinkles.

Then we come together on a second night (without kids, ideally) to divide the spoils. Here is a "before" picture - all of the combined goodies waiting to be divided. We estimated that there were over 2,200 individual cookies on this table! I am thankful for a home big enough to host these events - room enough for everyone and all their cookies! :-)

This is a picture of just some of the finished goodie trays. We made over 80 of them this year, to divide between the 3 of us!

This is our last week watching our little buddy Eli. We have truly enjoyed watching him during the day and seeing him grow in the last 4 months. Now that we're into foster parenting our focus is shifting a little bit, but we will certainly miss the days we shared with Eli.

Lastly, I'll share two pictures of our current foster child, CJ. He had a lot of fun helping make cut-out cookies this week. With very little instruction, he did everything from start to finish - apron, ingredients, rolling, cutting, tasting, cooling, decorating. Good memories!

[Remember, it is against state guidelines to post pictures of the face of a foster child, so to post CJ's picture, I have to blot out his face.]

Here is CJ with a 5-foot floor puzzle he did by himself. I was proud of him for sticking with it and seeing it through to completion, as he is tempted to give up when something is difficult. We took the picture to remember the significance of the event.

Happy Friday, everyone!


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