Family Photo Friday


Friday is here again. This week seemed like 2 weeks rolled into 1 for me - lots going on. Here are a few of the pictures I was able to snap this week.

Here are my two kids and our foster child all helping in the kitchen with dishes - the most productive thing that happened all day! :-)

[posting pictures of the faces of foster children is against state regulations... so any pictures I post will have CJ's face blotted out]

We had lots of snow this week, so every day has been a "snow day" to enjoy some outdoor sledding time. This is my daughter giving the thumbs up sign. I think she loves sledding more than the rest of us and would stay out longer than I usually let her.

This is CJ trying to snowboard, kind of.

And my little guy all bundled up - so cute!

Happy Friday to one and all!


Anonymous said...

Its a challenge, a balance of family life, added structure and a mix of the empowered fruit of God's Spirit springing up like a new flower through the rough soil of life's brokenness.

-Your partner in pain & joy and triumph, and in service to King, Jesus.


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