Sleepless Nights

My 2-year-old son has been having trouble sleeping at night this week. Crying out. Waking up every 15 minutes or so (just as I am falling back asleep). Up to 10 times per night. It's been rough. I like the baby and toddler stage of parenting... everything except for the sleepless nights. I love sleep. Always have loved sleep. In college, I was the only person probably on the entire campus that was heading to bed before 10:00 pm! I need sleep or just can't function the next day. So, it's been a long week.

Then today I found this poem my mother had written 25-30 years ago, as she was raising her four little ones. A good reminder that this too will pass... and I will some day shed tears over the passing of these days that right now seem so rough and long.


Sleeping angels? I don't know-

Sometimes with toddlers it's hard to say so.

When they call in the night

I wake and have to fight

to get to my feet again

and plug the forgotten night light in.

Then one who needs a drink

but can't quite reach the bathroom sink.

Then someone is hot and needs his jama tops off,

and another is upset because he just can't cough.

There's one more story they forgot to tell me.

Oh, and open the curtains or they can't see.

Now he's kicked off the cover

and no one else can fix it like mother.

So many times I think the sound of my name

in the middle of the night will drive me insane.

So much I wish for the nights

I'll be able to sleep through till mornings' light.

But when I stop to think, I see

just how sad that day will be.

For when my time is completely my own,

these precious kids will no longer be home.

Sleeping angels? Oh yes they are

And if I could wish upon a star,

I'd want to be able to keep them somehow,

just the ages that they are right now.

~ LaDonna


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