Foster Parenting - Log #2


As we are preparing to start this journey of Foster Parenting, I am pondering this: how can anyone do this without support?

My husband and I almost daily discuss another aspect of Foster Parenting, another thing to consider, another way that our lives will change when we take in our first child. There is so much that goes into Foster Parenting - love, time, money, energy, emotions, travel, relationships.

Foster Parenting, like regular parenting, requires giving and giving and giving some more, and giving some more even when you feel like you've got nothing left to give. Just as I don't know how single parents do it, I don't know how foster parents do it without support. Support from one another, friends, family, church, the fostering agency.

We have felt the support of family, friends and our church in two main ways:
1) for many months people have been praying for us. Ever since we made it public that we were pursuing foster parenting, at least a handful of closer friends from church have been praying regularly for us.
2) a few weeks ago we put a "need" out there at church - we needed more beds. Within a week we had 1 more bed. A week later I was verbally promised 2 more beds. And just days ago was told of yet another bed that we could have if we need. One elderly lady told me that she doesn't have a bed for me, but she does have a quilt she made that she'd like to give to us for the foster children.

To feel supported in these ways encourages me. We may be the ones on the "front lines" of this particular ministry, but there is support coming from those around us that is a vital part it.

I expect that we will become officially "licensed" this week. The State has 30 days to approve our license. The countdown started September 20th.

A call could come at any time. We are praying for wisdom to know how to respond.


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