Family Photo Friday


I cannot believe it, but Friday is here once again.
Here are a few favorite photos from this week.

This was a fun time at our house. My daughter was helping feed Eli his bottle (remember Eli - the little guy we're watching during the daytime). My 2-year-old son got his little boy doll and sat in the chair with sister. He just loves babies and wants to help with Eli every chance he gets. By the way, want to guess his baby doll's name? Eli, of course! :-)

We had many days with beautiful fall weather again this week. We have a firepit in our backyard, so one evening we enjoyed roasted hot dogs and smores. The kids loved doing this!

We helped our next-door neighbor rake/blow some leaves into a huge pile for the kids to play in. Here are my 2 kiddos plus Sarah (12 year old neighbor and friend of our family) in the huge leaf pile.

Happy weekend, y'all! Enjoy October while it lasts!


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