Let the Birthday Madness Begin

The next week will be ultra busy and in the midst of it all my daughter and I both have birthdays!

Monday night - my daughter's good friend (and next-door neighbor) Sarah is spending the night

Tuesday - a final summer fun day, at the beach with friends

Wednesday - birthday package from Grandma K in Wisconsin is set to arrive with goodies for my daughter

Thursday - my daughter's 7th birthday will involve a morning at Grandma R's house and an afternoon check-up at the doctor's office; she'll open gifts from us on Thursday

Friday - a day of recovery at home (yes, I sometimes put "recovery" on the calendar to remind me that we NEED to ensure down time gets into our schedules too)

Saturday - my birthday! As far as I know, nothing is planned by anyone. My hubby will be 2 days away from wrapping up his summer class, so his day will be filled with paper-writing and research, I suspect. I guess with low expectations, the day can't be disappointing :-)


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