Family Photo Friday


Friday is here again.

The end of a big week for us... a week of CHANGE. I am transitioning from my old job (church secretary) to my new job (childcare provider). We started watching "Baby Eli" this week full-time as his mom returned to her job as an elementary school teacher. Overall our week went smoothly and, as you may have guessed, we have some pictures of our week with Eli.

Here is my son with Eli. My son has always loved babies. He notices babies wherever we are. He constantly asks "me hold baby" when we are around babies at church or with extended family. I wonder if he will still love babies so much after a few weeks of having Eli around... we'll see. But for now, he is totally enamored with any and every baby!

My daughter surprised me this week. She tends to not be interested in babies or other young children. She's into books and the kind of running and playing that a 7-year-old can do, so she practically ignores babies and younger children who can't do much that she enjoys. This week she asked to hold Eli. She asked if he could sit with her. She initiated "conversation" with Eli and tried (and succeeded) in making him laugh. I love seeing the motherly tender side of her peak out.

We head to Wisconsin for a quick weekend visit from Friday night through Sunday night, for the purpose of attending the baby dedication of our newest nephew Titus. More family and baby time. Then week #2.

Happy Friday to all!


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