Family Photo Friday

It's Friday already! I have just a few pictures to share from our week - we've spent close to 20 hours outside this week, working in the garden areas so I didn't get many pictures.

Grandma K sent an Easter package containing small toys for my kids. Here they are smiling for a "thank you" picture for Grandma.

We went to Ag Days last week (free ag fun at the county fairgrounds). There were MANY soft rabbits to pet. My daughter even got to hold this fluff-ball!

In our backyard we have a large mound. The mound is made up of (no kidding here): old bricks, old decaying garbage bags, an old woodpile that is half-decayed, a gazillion roots and some soil. After digging and digging, we unburied all of the bricks in the above picture - enough for the kids to build this brick house!

Happy Easter to everyone! Take some time to contemplate the death and resurrection of Christ... and praise Him, as your Risen Savior!


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