I scored some big deals at WalMart last week! Everything in this picture was free, with only one exception - the fish sticks cost me $1.50. Total spent for 14 items in this picture, including tax, was $1.81. Yeah! That was 6 free kitchen sponges, 3 free packages of dental floss, 2 free packages of Tucks, and 2 free Benadryl itch-sticks. I love free!

At CVS this week I purchased 10 cans of tuna for NOTHING (thanks to Extra Care Bucks - CVS coupon that is like a gift card). I generally buy tuna at Aldi for around 39 cents a can, but free is even better!

So, just in case you needed a reminder, there are great deals out there to be found... and they can truly help you stretch your budget!


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