Zoo Field Trip


I'm late in posting this, but nonetheless I want to share some of these pictures. Last month our family took a field trip to the Fort Wayne Zoo. This was done in conjunction with our homeschool co-op, so there were nearly 30 other families from our group also there that day.

There was a petting zoo with basic farm animals like goats, sheep and rabbits. Our youngest kids enjoyed this, of course.

The zoo is divided into three basic sections - an Indonesian rain forest, an African journey and then Australian adventure. Each section has a snack area and bathrooms throughout, as well as numerous seating areas. Despite being 30-some weeks pregnant, I walked the entire route (albeit a little more slowly than my usual pace). Our 3-year-old was my partner for the day, wearing her leash/backpack which was much-needed to keep her within sight.

Highlights of the visit for us: 

The giraffes! There is a wonderful 2-story observation tower in with the giraffes, allowing everyone to be eye-to-eye with the giraffes! This is a friend from our group feeding the giraffe. 

To be up-close, just inches away from a giraffe. Very neat!

We didn't get a picture of the sea lions, but watching them swim around was one of our favorite things to do. So graceful and beautiful under the water. 

Seeing the zebras were fun. Unfortunately, the lions were not on exhibit that day so we missed them. 

We saw peacocks all over the zoo. There were probably about a dozen. So pretty!

Overall, the visit was a success. We wouldn't want to make the long drive to Fort Wayne on a regular basis, with our little ones in tow, but for a special one-time trip it was a fun outing! And we were able to enjoy some animals that our local zoo doesn't have. 

Visiting the zoo always makes me thankful for the creativity of God - to think of all these variety of animals, so different, so beautiful in their own ways. Thank you, Lord, for including all these animals in our world, for us to learn about and to enjoy. 


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