Kids and Laundry Baskets


My kids and laundry baskets. 
They've always gone together like bread and butter somehow. :-)

Here are a few of the dozens of photos I've snapped of my kids in baskets. 

My now 13-year-old daughter, back at age 1.

My now 9-year-old son, back at age 2. 

Both the older two kids together in baskets, ages 7 and 3. 

Here's my now 3-year-old in her 3-month portraits... being "dumped" out of a basket. :-)

And this is her at age 2 and 1/2.

With her little brother in a basket, about 1 year ago.

And my current youngest just recently in a basket.

Funny thing... as we were going through old family photos from my father-in-law, we found this one of him in an egg basket back in the 1940s. 

Playing in baskets... apparently it's been a thing for a long time! 


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