One of the beautiful things about a large family are the multiple sibling relationships. Each is so dynamic and ever-changing. This is great (when they are getting along well) and not-so-great (when they are in quarrel that seems to last way too long). But once in a while, there are opportunities for fun togetherness. Here are a few pictures we snapped during the best of times. 

The two boys in a happy moment of playing together. One of the current favorite things to do for our 21-month-old boy is to play with the dishwasher silverware. He loves to put things in and out, in and out - keeps him occupied for quite a while (until he tries to climb into the dishwasher, breaking the door or starts pulling pieces of the machinery off the inside... yup, I speak from experience).

Here our 3-year-old girl gets a piggy back ride from big brother. 

When watching something on the computer screen, both the little ones want to sit on a lap. Here big sister does double-duty.

Though not necessarily together, here are the youngest two reading books. A rare quiet moment as they were both quite engrossed in their favorite books.

The youngest two in the bathtub, full of fun and bubbles.

The two girls playing with their black olive fingers!

Here are the youngest two playing together outside.

Hooray for happy moments together!


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