Thankful Thursday


Thankful Thursday

A day to be thankful for the little things... like purple leaves.

Until the last few years, I have always hated fall and the month of October (if you're curious, you can read more here). God has "redeemed" them for me now,though. I am learning to not just endure them but to cherish them for their own special beauty. 

I love the color purple. So I thank God this week for purple leaves. It's true! I have found hundreds of purple leaves this week while walking in my neighborhood. A red maple tree's leaves are just turning red. The back side of the leaves a beautiful shade of light purple. 

I take these purple leaf sightings to be messengers from God. "I created fall. Fall has its own beauty, just as each season does. Just look deeper and you'll find it." 

Found it, God! Thank you for purple leaves!


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