Baby Boy at One



Baby boy is now one. Here are his one year portraits. 

What a sweetheart he is! He babbles a lot now. He says Mama, Dada and Hi. We think he might say bu-bu for brother. 

At one, he is all boy. He is full of energy and rarely is still. In his high chair, he is a head-banger if he has to wait more than few seconds for more food to be shoveled into his mouth. 

He scoots! He does not crawl and is oh-so-close to walking, but scooting is how he gets around. 

One of the beautiful things about having multiple children is to see their different personalities and physical traits. This one has very light colored hair now, while his older brother has dark hair. This one scoots while none of the others did. This one has a musical bent - he loves to play with jingle bells, egg shakers, or drums. He claps in rhythm and loves to play piano with mom. His humming to himself is very precious to listen to.

We love you, Mr. Man! 
We thank God every day that you are a part of our family. What a wonderful gift you are! 


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