Sweetest Girl


This little girl, let me tell you, is so super sweet. 
I have said for years (yes, basically her entire life) that she is a delight to have around. I don't know how better to describe life with her. It's truly delightful!

Her smile melts my heart. 
Her little voice is adorable. 
Her vocabulary is incredible. 
Her understanding is quite advanced for her age. 

I don't ever want to forget our conversations. 
"Daddy gone...work...library... in red van." 
"Brother upstairs room... door closed." 
"We go o-op... see friends...Lucy...eat snacks." 
Or her singing bits and pieces of her favorite songs, 
like Jesus Loves Me or Good, Good Father.

This week she's been sick with an ear infection and touch of bronchitis. On top of that, she had an allergic reaction to the antibiotics, so she has hives now. 
It's hard to see her out of her element.

Since little brother joined our family, she's become more maternal. She never used to play with dolls or strollers, but she sure does now!

She's my girly-girl. She loves necklaces and bling. 
She wants her hair brushed out and put up in a cute top ponytail EVERY DAY! 
This is so different than her big sister who doesn't want me to touch her hair EVER! (no joke, she jerks her head away if I even come close to touching her hair)

When big sister was gone to Disney for a week or so, this girl missed her incredibly. She wore an enormous grin when big sister returned... and brought gifts to share too!

I sure do love you, Rosebud! I cannot imagine the smiles and laughter and delight we would be missing if you weren't a part of this family. God gave us a wonderful gift in YOU!


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