Daughter to Disney


My oldest daughter. She's 12. She recently had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, thanks to some family friends. 
She got to tag along with them to DisneyWorld! 

Our friends Steve, Michele and Regan also homeschool. We've known them for about five years, through a couple of homeschooling venues. Most often, though, we get together with them at their home or ours just to chat. With Regan being an only child, her parents gave her the option of inviting one friend to accompany the family on their trip. She chose my daughter, partly because she had never been to Disney before and neither had their family. So they all would experience it for the first time together. 

What an incredible offer and amazing gift to my girl! 

They had a wonderful time. They drove, which my daughter enjoyed because she was able to visit new states on the way to Florida. And they stayed overnight at hotels along the way, which all had pools. My girl swims like a fish, any chance she gets, so that was enjoyable. 

At Disney, they experienced all kinds of new things. New foods, fancy dinners at Cinderella's Castle and the Beast's Castle and the Rainforest Cafe. Roller-coaster rides and the monorail. 

I swear that my daughter grew a few inches while she was gone. She is as tall as I am now and will quickly be passing me up. I missed her more than I thought I would. Not only is she a huge helper to me with the younger children, but I missed her sense of humor and her vibrant personality.

She not only seems to have grown a few inches, but has matured a bit too. She handled the trip like a pro. She didn't get lost among the countless throngs of people. She was responsible with her cash and her dumb phone. She stayed away from sweets, so as to not get sick (as she has done before when she overdoes it). She wore her seabands to avoid motion sickness. She purchased age-appropriate gifts for her siblings (so I know she missed us at least a little bit).

I am so thankful to our friends for including her. With our children spaced out as they are, the chances of our family taking a trip to Disney before our oldest is out of the house (ie. within the next 6 years) is very slim. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you, friends! 
Such an over-the-top, incredibly gracious offer this was! 
We are seriously humbled and grateful. 

And welcome back, Bright Eyes! 


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