Baby Boy Turns 5 Months Old!


My baby boy is 5 months old now. 

What a fun month this has been, as more and more personality is shining through. More smiles, more belly laughs. More kissing those chubby cheeks of his. And more of his "kissing" my face, attacking me with a wide-open mouth! 

He had his first ear infection this month. Boo! 
Sister had one at the same time. Double boo! 
He weighs over 19 and half pounds. 
Sister is less than 30 pounds so at this rate, he may catch up to her in clothes-sizes and diapers. 

We haven't started him on any solid foods yet, but we will do that in this next month. He does sit in the high chair now... just to play with toys and be at the same level as the rest of us when we eat.

This boy still doesn't sleep very well. He is up multiple times every night. He is definitely the most "needy" baby I've had. He also is very much a mama's boy, not willing to be away from me for more than about 5 minutes. But I know this won't last forever and so I try to cherish the loving and the snuggles... and not get too upset about the lack of opportunities to shower or do housework or whatever else is calling out my name. 

It has been beautiful to watch my other children embrace this one. They all have had opportunities to hold him, to entertain him, to notice him watching them and smiling up at them. It's neat to see the individual relationships develop between the siblings. 

We love you, little man! Next milestone... 6 months! 


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