My Oldest Girl


                       My oldest daughter. She's 12. 

She's grown up a whole lot in the last 2 years, since welcoming little sister to our family. She has become my right-hand helper with her little sister. She's the babysitter. She is the hair dresser. She's the book reader. She's the cleaner upper. She's the entertainer. She's the one I ask at least a hundred times a day to bring me this or check on that. 

She's also super silly. One day she took my baby wrap, turned it into a turban and took these selfies with my phone, for me to discover later. So funny. 

Another silly one with little sister, left on my phone.

She's also beautiful and turning into quite the young lady. I'm so proud of her and the responsibility she's showing. 

We sure love you, Bright Eyes!


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