My Oldest Boy


Just because I found a few pictures of this boy on my camera and they are too cute not to share. 

Such a handsome young man he is, even with his mischievous grin!

This boy of mine is probably very typical, but as my oldest boy he challenges my parenting skills. He's so active and physical and well, wild! I'm constantly wondering how best to discipline him, what to let slide as just boy behavior and not necessarily intentional, pain-inflicting hurting of others. Of course, other times he surprises me with sweet acts of kindness and tenderness towards others. He has always had a sweet spot for babies, so he's very tender with new baby brother. And, as expected, he can't wait until little brother can throw a ball or wrestle with him!

And a few more of our portraits that were recently taken. 


He drives me crazy, yet I love him so. Absolutely cannot imagine our family without this boy!


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