Toddler Girl at 16 Months


My toddler girl is 16 months old already. She is saying more words now (like noo-noo for noodles and tries to say her name, which she at least gets the starting sound and the number of syllables right). She understands so much and will do whatever we ask (get the cup and bring it to mama or put this shoe in the box). Our biggest challenge is to try to limit the use of her pacifier to only bedtime. She really loves that thing... 

She loves to explore, whether getting into cabinets inside or trying to eat grass outside. Here she is exploring a head of cauliflower. She was fascinated. She's very particular about dirt. If she notices any small piece of lint, dirt, hair, etc. on the floor or on her hands, she will bring it to me and want it off. 

We've had a few warm, summer-like days and Little Miss has loved being outside whenever possible. 

However, she took her first bike ride with me during one of those warm days. She was not impressed. I'm thinking it was the huge helmet that bothered her, but safety first. We'll try again and see if she gets used to it. 

Hiding in a hamper. Fun times. 

She's big enough to climb into our recliners by herself now, without a stool or any assistance. That makes her so proud, she just glows and laughs at herself.

All smiles with big brother and big sister in the background.

My son had a new wheelbarrow. Little Miss found it, put her sippy cup in it and pushed it around. A little worker already!

Delightful. Adorable. Cherished. 
Deeply loved! 


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