Baby Adjustments


We're almost 3 months in with our baby girl. This is when the days are very long but the weeks somehow pass quickly. 

I had some concerns about how my older children would adjust to having a baby in our home. But they have been wonderful. 

My 10-year-old daughter has surprised me by asking to hold the baby now and then. 

And both of the older kids have become entertainers for our baby. They enjoy talking to her, showing her new things, and just interacting with her. 

It's been neat to watch the older kids grow up a bit. Babies do that to families - force us all to grow up, mature, take on new responsibilities. My 6-year-old son especially has had to move out of the role of "baby of the family" into the role of big brother. He's done great. No resentment. No hard feelings. He's growing up. He's had to learn to be a helper, instead of the one needing help. 

We're all growing up!


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