Friday Funnies


I'm a big advocate of writing down those funny things kids say, because I know that they won't make it into my long-term memory. So here are a few of the funny things my children have said recently. 

My 10-year-old daughter took a shower early one morning. She told me afterwards that she was so tired, she just felt like "a pig made of jello on an upright spit." What a word picture! 

Last week our 9-year-old niece Racquel was over for a playdate. She and my 10-year-old daughter were talking about weddings and boyfriends (ay, ay, ay). Racquel named a boy she'd like to marry and then asked who should be the "ring barrier?"

My 6-year-old son used this funny combo phrase "scared me out of my horses."  He also mistakenly referred to my favorite Girl Scout cookies (Carmel DeLites) as "carmel good nights." But my favorite was when he was watching baby sister. She was trying to drink and "talk" at the same time, making those super cute baby noises. My son said "That's bad table manners to talk and eat at the same time!" 

Remember there's always something to smile about!


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