Baby Girl at 2 Months


Baby Girl is now 2 months old. 

She weighs just over 10 pounds. She's smaller than average by weight, but bigger than average by length. 

She smiles a lot now. She lights up when she sees mama. She's definitely a mama's girl. 

We have so many names for this little girl. We use pet names a lot, like "rosebud" (which turns into "rosey" a lot) and "little miss" (which turns into "missy" a lot). And we sometimes call her "sissy" (as in "little sister"). She just may grow up to be confused about what her name actually is! 

I've been pleasantly surprised at how smooth the transition has been for my other two kids to grow to love baby sister. It's been beautiful (and entertaining at times) to watch. 

We love this little girl!


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