Baby Girl is 3 Months Old

The last 3 months have flown by.

Baby Girl has already been with us for 90 days. 
13 Weeks. 3 Months. 

She gives lots of smiles now. She's giggled a few times, but no belly laughs yet. 


Here are some portraits of her at 3 months. 

So adorable, with that toothless grin.

Love this one - baby in a box. And those little shoes in the foreground. So precious!

And one with the beautiful hat a friend made for her. 
Is there anything more beautiful in the world than a baby with a hat?!

She's sleeping fairly well at night, but not much during the daytime. We'll need to start some sleep training to get those daytime naps in. But she's sleeping at night from 9 pm until 9 am, getting up twice (2 am and 6 am). 

She's just generally very alert. Big eyes taking it all in. She loves to watch big brother. He comes over to pat her head, give kisses, and talk to her often. She just soaks it up. 

Happy 3-months, baby girl!


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