Expecting Again


We're expecting a baby, again. 

It is hard to describe the emotions at this point. 

Sure, we're excited. Thankful for the ability to conceive, especially after years of infertility and loss. The preciousness of life is not lost on us.

But our excitement is tempered. We've been down this road before and it's ended badly.  

In less than 2 years time, we've now conceived 4 times. A predictable pattern is emerging. 

Miscarriage within the 6-10 week range. 
Conceive again 6-7 months later. 
Repeat again.   

We've been on this roller-coaster and frankly want off
This ride rattles us to the very core every single time. 
It simply hurts.

"Cautiously optimistic" is my husband's phrase. We're excited. We hope for the best, which we assume would be a baby in our arms around Thanksgiving time. We hope that this is the time that the pattern stops. May this be the time that it ends differently. 

May this be our year of Jubilee!


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