Home Makeover: Kitchen

Over the weekend, my husband worked tirelessly to install a new stovetop in our kitchen. For 18 months, we have lived without a stove (to see "before" pictures and read about the state of the kitchen when we moved in, go here) . We have a built-in oven unit but no stovetop for cooking. We borrowed a "hot plate" from our church. It had 2 burners. One worked, one didn't. The one that worked had two settings - OFF or HIGH! This made cooking all the more challenging! So it goes without saying that my husband is now my hero and I'm ecstatic to have a kitchen that has 100% of the appliances we Americans consider to be standard in a modern kitchen.

  • New ceramic stovetop installed last Saturday.
  • New fridge installed in July.
  • New-to-us wall oven installed in May.
  • New dishwasher installed about a year ago.
Home makeover - baby step edition! :-) May take longer, but we don't have any debt to show for it either!


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