Family Photo Friday


It's Friday again. The last Friday of September. Wow! In Indiana the last few days have still been Summer-like, but Fall is just around the corner. As is my Friday custom, I'm posting a few pictures from our week.

This first shot is of my son, buried in clothes. He thinks laundry is fun to play with. Whenever I'm about to dump out the laundry on the couch to sort and fold it, he says "Wait, Mama!" He lays on the couch and then asks me to bury him under the laundry. Total cost for this continuous fun: NOTHING! :-)

We ripped out the tomatoes from our garden this week. My kids helped. The tomato cages provided hours of enjoyment. Here are the kids playing inside the cages.

My daughter then got even more creative, making a tunnel out of the cages and some outdoor blankets.

Here is the creative genius with her head sticking out of the tunnel. Again, total cost for these hours of amusement: NOTHING! :-)

And here is a picture of Eli - the little guy we're watching these days. This was his first time in the high chair at our house - he loved it.

Happy last-weekend-of-September to you! Make it a good one!


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