Home Makeover: Daughter's Bedroom

We have been tackling our home makeover with baby steps for many months. Since my husband is not taking any classes this fall, however, we have had more time and energy to put into some unfinished projects. One project that was completed last weekend was my daughter's bedroom.

Thankfully we have an extra bedroom in our home, so she's been in the extra temporary room for many months while "her room" was painted and carpeted, a ceiling fan installed, her ceiling textured, etc. The room looks great and she's happy to be back in it, as of last Saturday.

She has hot pink curtains that she picked for this room, but they are too sheer to use by themselves. So they will wait until we put up some blinds. For now, she has some beige curtains that are doing the job just fine.

She has a little study area with a desk and lamp, where she can read or do schoolwork.

Next up: major cleaning in the spare bedroom to make it ready for foster children


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