Kitchen Improvement

For those who don't know, we have lived without an oven and stovetop for the last year or so. Our kitchen is the worst room in our "new" house and is in major need of remodeling. However, we are committed to staying debt-free while we tackle home improvement projects, so the kitchen remains as is... UNTIL NOW!

We finally decided to buy a used wall oven as an intermediate step. It is not the $2,000 new model that would be AMAZING to put in the space and maybe someday will live in my kitchen (if I should be so blessed). But this used model meets our current criteria:
1) it is an oven
2) it works
3) it does not leak gas
4) it fits in the wall-oven hole in the wall (with a few inches to spare)

Yahoo! Good-bye toaster oven. Hello full-sized meals!

My feelings about this appliance are akin to those I experienced when we FINALLY got a washer and dryer in our first home (after a few years - yes, years - without). At that time, I had never been more excited to do laundry in my entire life.

And now, I have to resist the urge to cook a full blown Thanksgiving feast... just because I have an oven that can do it! :-)

Moments like these remind me that we (as in, we Americans... and you too, no matter where you may be as you read this)... are blessed beyond measure. The things we consider to be necessities are actually luxuries in disguise. We could do without them. Many people do. So whether your oven is the $2000 stainless steel model or the used make-do model or even the toaster oven model, be thankful for what you have and use it to be a blessing to many!


Pamm said...

I'm so glad you have an oven! I was just wondering the other day how your kitchen was coming along. Yippee for Chef Shannon!

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