Family Photo Friday

The first Friday of May is here already... and Friday on this blog mean the posting of photos.

This is my little man showing off a little blueberry before he gobbles it up. We froze lots of blueberries last fall (that we picked in Michigan in my friend Leah's backyard). The kids are still enjoying these as a snack now and again.

It's hard to tell in this picture, but there are 2 ducks that my kids are watching and tossing bread at. They are in our front yard! We are nowhere near water, but these 2 ducks have taken a liking to our area and to our yard in particular (because we feed them, I know). These ducks have provided hours of entertainment in the week they've been around!

My kids in a chair, reading together. I never tire of seeing this sight and it warms my heart each time.

My husband and my son reading the Bible together. Another one of those precious moments.

I hope you had some precious moments with your family this week. Don't forget to thank your mom for making precious moments happen for you too!

Happy Friday!


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