Just a quick post about deals I've found lately.

Here's what I picked up at CVS last weekend for around $5 - package of Huggies, Crest toothpaste, Kotex pads, small Bayer aspirin, 2 Pantene shampoos, 2 Right Guard deodorants. 8 items. The diapers alone usually cost $8-10 so this was a great deal!

I've gotten about 20 free kitchen sponge/scrubbers at Walmart in the last 3 weeks, thanks to a coupon that Scotch put out for $1 off any Scotch product (kitchen sponges are 84 cents at WalMart so they are beyond free with the coupon).

Be encouraged. There are deals out there and ways to save money on things you buy and use on a regular basis. Check out for other store deals, coupons and freebies.


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