Grandma K visit


My mom (aka Grandma K) visited last weekend. 
We enjoyed having her around! 

We visited a local park together. 

Such a neat park and the weather was gorgeous for our outing. 

Grandma was a good sport to try some of the playground equipment! :-)

We also visited the nearby zoo. 
She hadn't been to a zoo in decades so it was time! We were able to see the usual zoo animals, plus the ostriches put on quite a crazy dance show for us. We also saw the banded mongoose feeding time, which involved brown paper bag lunches of live insects. Very memorable! 

My youngest enjoyed doing hair and fussing with rings and such. 

Grandma K and my oldest daughter played a number of games together. 

We also celebrated her birthday while she was here, eating out at Texas Roadhouse. The employees wished her a hardy "Yee haw" and made her hold their toy pony-on-a-stick. 

Happy birthday again, Mom! And thank you for making the long trip to spend some time with us. We love you!


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