Wisconsin Christmas


We just spent a week in Wisconsin, celebrating Christmas with extended family. A nice time was had by all, which included fun holiday parties as well as down-time to just relax. Ahh!

Here a few highlights as seen through the camera lens.

Traveling. 6 hours in good traffic and good weather and super short pit stops. Our trips usually take us 8-9 hours these days, with little kids who need to get wiggles out and/or babies who need to eat often. 

A nice picture of me with my 3 brothers and my dad. 

Happy smiles from my youngest boy, celebrating his first Christmas.

And my little boy meeting Aunt Becky and Cousin Briannah for the first time. 

My mother and my oldest daughter, sporting their festive headbands. I love their smiles!

They had a good amount of snow in Wisconsin so the kids enjoyed some outdoor playtime. Here's my oldest son with a snowman.

My hubby making lefse. Lefse is like a potato pancake/tortilla. Very thin. Sweet. This is a family tradition, though my grandmother and mother have always prepared it. 

It was high time that we gave it a try. Well... I was holding my baby so hubby gave it a try. He was great at it! The tradition will live on! 

This picture just makes me laugh, as it's very symbolic of our family Christmas gathering. My silly brother Brett, always with a smile and something witty to say. He's holding his son Traeson who wasn't feeling well that night and felt like he might vomit. Brett's holding up a gag gift, still in the box, in case Traeson does vomit. This year "someone" (we don't know who does some of these gag gifts) gifted many of us with old, strange-looking Christmas decorations. There were some strange Santas (who looked devious, devilish or high on drugs) and some nasty looking snowmen (like this one who was more like a chicken and was not white, but more of an old beige color and smelled musty like it'd lived in someone's attic for a decade or more). Man, oh man, the looks on folks' faces when they opened these gifts. Hilarious! 

There's a glimpse into our holidays. 
Fun family times! 


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