Christmas Gifts


Here's a peek at Christmas gifts given and received at our house this year. 

One important gift was given... SMILES! 

The littlest man received some rattles and a bumbo seat.

I received a wall plaque with a nice message, a candle, slippers and a beautiful grandmother mantle clock! I didn't get a picture of my husband with his gifts, but rest assured that he was there with us! 

2-year-old Little Miss received a sit-n-spin which was probably her favorite toy. She also received a necklace, some bath toys, a Little People car with 2 people, and a tunnel to crawl through. Lots of smiles and giggles from her!

My older son received a set of cones, a test-tube science kit, a mini-drone, a Lego truck and some candy. He was really excited about all of his gifts, but he loves all things Lego so that was probably his favorite.

My oldest daughter received a pair of roller skates, a spirograph, a mini safe, a slinky and some MadLibs. Sounds like a lot of retro toys, doesn't it? All things from her list that she is excited about it. The spirograph was the first thing she got out to experiment with and quickly shared her beautiful designs. 

Love Christmas morning with these silly kids! 

We've had years of lean and years of plenty. This was a year of plenty for us. A year where we saw clearly the Lord's favor on my husband's employment. We give God the thanks and praise for that! We were able to give more than we've ever given at Christmastime because of His favor on us. Truly, we give because God is a Giver, who gave first to us! 


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