My Boy is 7

Hear ye, hear ye! This boy turns 7 this week! 

WHAT?! How can that be? I can't explain it, but it has indeed been 7 years since his birth. This big 11-pound baby was such a wonderful gift from the Lord to us. And of course he remains a bundle of energy and silliness and excitement today.

Having a son brings out a different side of me as a mom. I have to let him run, let him risk, let him live on the wild side... despite everything in me that wants to call him back to safety. But he is a boy. He must get out and explore, must end up with scraped knees and bloody knuckles in order to prove something to himself and to the world. I love him to death, but he certainly also scares me to death sometimes! 

Happy birthday to my not-so-little boy! 


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