Birthdays Galore


With my son turning 7 in early December and then my daughter turning 1 in mid-December, we've been celebrating a lot this month! 

Here is my boy waiting as patiently as a 7-year-old can to open his gifts! His main gift was a plasma car, which has been a huge hit! 

Even my 11-year-old girl can ride on it. She will hold baby girl on her "lap" and ride it. They both love it!

He also received a GI JOE action figure from Grandma in Wisconsin. Here we were skyping with Grandma so she could watch him open it.

Here is baby girl on her birthday, receiving some gifts from Grandma in Wisconsin and opening them via Skype. A light-up push toy, a beautiful dress and lots of smiles. We love Skype... use it regularly to talk with Grandma so she can actually see the kids too. 

Happy birthday to these special kiddos! 

My hubby, my oldest daughter and I all have summer birthdays, which we celebrate in one big birthday bash. So I'm glad that these two kids have close birthdays too. We put up the birthday banner in early December and just leave it up for the whole month, as we prepare for Jesus' birthday at Christmastime as the ultimate birthday celebration! 


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