My kids. 

Soon there will be a third to add to this group, but for now it's these two. Constant companions. It will be interesting to see how our family dynamics change when the baby arrives. Three children sometimes means that one is often left out, but the age spacing of our kids may affect that a bit. Time will tell how it plays out for us.

My girl. 
She wants a little sister, so we've had to talk about the possibility that she'll be disappointed if the baby is a boy. She's 10 years old. She goes goo-goo ga-ga over pets (especially dogs) but generally is not all that maternal when it comes to being around babies and small children. We'll see how she handles having a baby in our home again. She enjoys baking and working in the kitchen, so I expect she'll be most helpful at meal times.

My boy.
He wants a little brother, so we've had to talk with him about the possibility of disappointment too, if the baby is a girl. He's a few days shy of being 6 years old. He's always had a tender heart for babies, so I think he'll take to our little one right away. I expect he'll be a big helper - grabbing diaper changing supplies or pacifiers or whatever. 

The age span will make things especially interesting. My oldest is 10 years old. By the time our baby is that age, my oldest will likely be moved out of the house. Kids grow up, that's one of life's certainties. What a joy to be a part of that process, as they grow and learn and mature and change.   


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