Field Trip: Survive Alive & Fire Safety


 Last week we enjoyed a field trip to a local children's museum that hosts a fire safety program called "Survive Alive." 

Local firefighters led the students through discussion about fire safety, showed a brief video and then demonstrated how to get out of a house on fire. 

There is a "house" inside the museum that is used for this field trip. The group enters the house and is in the bedroom. They are taught how to roll out of bed, crawl under smoke, feel the door for heat, and open windows if needed. Every child practices getting out of the house safely.

They met a real firefighter in full gear and were able to ask questions of him. They learned that he may look a little scary if he was in your house in the dark of night, but that he can be trusted and is a helper.

Kids practiced finding an outside meeting place and then using a phone to make a real 911 call, providing the information the dispatchers need.

The kids practiced "Stop, Drop and Roll."

This field trip was very well done and the kids all seemed to enjoy it. Until now we'd only talked about fire safety, but never had actually practiced these things. Now we need to practice a real drill at home.   


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