A Baby as a Trust


I found this quote recently and it really spoke to my heart, as I have just been entrusted with a newborn. 
So precious and beautiful...

by Theodore Cuyler (1896)

"When God lays a newborn babe in the arms of a mother, He says to her heart 'Take this child and nurse it for me and I will give you your wages (Exodus 2:9).' The answer of maternal love should be, 'Oh God, You have put Your noblest workmanship into my hands. I accept the precious trust. I will shelter this young life under Your mercy seat. I will be truthful that it may never learn falsehood. I will nurse this soul in its infancy with the sincere milk of love, that in after years it may bear strong meat for strong service of God and righteousness. Oh, Heavenly Father, make my life in harmony with Yourself, that this young life may reflect Your blessed image in following my example!' 
To such pious fidelity God offers the highest wages; 
He pays the heart's claim in the heart's own coin."


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