Pregnancy Update - Week 20


Pregnancy Update - 20 Weeks 

20 weeks means half-way! 
20 weeks means an ultrasound is scheduled soon. 
We will not be finding out the baby's gender. 
We like surprises!

I pulled out the maternity clothes in the last 2 weeks. I had someone I see regularly tell me THIS WEEK that she didn't know I was expecting, she was so surprised. She had no idea! So I guess I've been hiding my belly well! 

20 weeks pregnant means we have 20 more weeks to...

...get our 3-year-old completely potty trained! 
...make some freezer meals for those crazy first weeks.
...finish up this school year of homeschooling.
...get the newborn clothes out of storage, washed up.
...choose a name!

We love you, little Bumble! 


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