Baby Boy Turns 7 Months


Days keep passing by and now baby boy is turning 7 months old! He had his first haircut this month. He looks older, more boyish. 

He is almost all smiles! I've heard more than a dozen times "He's such a happy baby! He is always smiling." I tell folks that he has them fooled :-)  He still loves his mama the most and doesn't want me out of his sight... or the smiles quickly turn to tears! 

One highlight of the past month is the introduction of baby food. I wouldn't say he enjoys the baby food yet, but he's tried green beans, peas, and avocado. He does like sitting in the high chair at the dinner table when we're all together.

This man is mobile, when in his walker. He sits up with a little assistance (a bumbo seat or propped against the side of the playpen). He much prefers being upright to laying on his back or stomach. 

Life is good! Happy 7 months, baby boy!


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