A Dog Party


This week marked a first for us - we attended our first dog party. Our neighbor Liz threw a party for her dog Lola. 

This party was quite the event, complete with party hats (for all people and dogs in attendance), a party dress for Lola, cookies to decorate with dog bone sprinkles, dogs showing off their tricks, games (such as rolling a ball into the doghouse), and the opening of gifts given to Lola. Liz also provided food and snacks, for both human attendees and canines.

My kids have a special relationship with Liz and her dog Lola. Because we homeschool and are home during the daytime, Liz will often invite my kids to go on a walk with her and Lola during the day. As long as they have been diligent with their daily tasks, they are permitted to go with her and enjoy the time outside. 

Liz has also provided my oldest daughter with her first "real" money-making job. You see, Liz is a recent college grad who works in the nursing field at a local hospital. When she works during the day, she will ask my daughter to take care of Lola's meals. My girl has taken this responsibility very seriously and loves Lola. 

My baby girl loves Lola too. She gets very excited when she sees dogs, but especially Lola. She stands at our front window, bobbing up and down whenever neighbors walk by with their dogs.

So, thank you, Liz, for a fun party and for giving my kids a chance to be dog-caretakers vicariously :-)


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