The zoo.

I'm thankful that we have a zoo nearby. Once or twice a year we head that way and enjoy a few hours at the zoo. 

Recently we went to the zoo, along with my friend Leah and her 3 kids. With 6 kids between us now (and another on the way -  Leah is expecting her 4th), the zoo is more of an adventure than it used to be!

This was my baby girl's first time at the zoo. She's too young to really get it. I think it was just like a long stroller ride for her.

The highlight of the zoo is always the zoo train ride, which is brief but fun. In second place, though, would be the river otter exhibit. With an under-water viewing area, it's entertaining to watch the otters dive and play underwater.

Already looking forward to our 2015 trip to the zoo with 7 little ones in tow! Wowzers! 


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